Customer Technical Service

Linking the company to the customers

Established since the commencement of production, Customer Technical Services (CTS) provides technical assistance to customers in various applications of JK White Cement and Grey Cement along with value added products. CTS officers are stationed across the Country for prompt technical services.

We provide the following services:

  • Before Application
  • During Application
  • After Application

In order to reach out to our valued customers, we organise various events. It has been observed that the major problem of construction activity is to locate the right kind of agencies and skilled working hands who can convert the concepts and ideas into reality. To bridge this gap, the following activities are conducted by the Customer Technical Services Division.

The activities are:

  • MTW (Masons Technical Workshop)
    MTW is conducted for masons throughout India as well as in neighboring countries for the specialized applications related to construction activities.
  • PTW (Painters Technical Workshop)
    PTW is conducted to develop specialised application awareness amongst painters who beautify the buildings and structures.
  • CSW (Contractors & Supervisors Workshop)
    We interact here with groups of small to medium size Contractors & their Supervisors for skilled development.
  • Exhibition (Product Technical Exhibition)
    At technical exhibitions we interact with organized clients such as, Architects, Civil Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Govt. officials, Traders, and students of Architect & Civil Engineering to deliberate technical and commercial aspects about our products.
  • DOA (Demonstration of Applications)
    Trained & experienced application Engineers / Supervisors / Masons / Painters give demonstration of specialized applications of cement to convince Architects or their clients.
  • PAS (Product Application Seminar)
    At Product Application Seminars, we interact with groups of Architects / Engineers particularly for innovative and new applications and jointly work with them to integrate these specialized applications into their projects.
  • CSM (Counter Service Meet)
    In this activity, a show is organized at the stockist’s counter to increase brand awareness and to respond to all technical problems faced by common and skilled consumers during construction of their houses.
  • SDA (Dealers & Stockists Awareness Programme)
    We give basic information about our products, literature, packaging & trade policies to our registered Dealers & Stockists at SDA’s.
  • Technical Seminar
    Technical seminar is organized at Government Department for their Engineers, Consultants in order to get our products enlisted in their List of Approved Product.
  • CSA (Civil Engineering Students Awareness Programme)
    We arrange lectures & exhibitions for final year Civil Engineering students about cement, its applications & technical problems encountered in construction to enable them to appreciate field situation.
  • ASA (Architecture Students Awareness Programme)
    We arrange lectures & exhibitions for final year students of Architecture about cement, its architectural applications & special skills needed to do such architectural jobs, so that they can use this knowledge in their work later.

CTS Locator

      Architect of The Year Award

      JK Cement is a pioneer in felicitating outstanding contributions of architects. The brainchild of Mr. Yadupati Singhania – Chairman & Managing Director, JK Cement Ltd., Architect of the Year Award (AYA) was instituted in 1990 to inspire professionals to strive towards raising the bar in architectural standards of the country. AYA, since then, has lived up to its legacy of awarding excellence every year and has helped pave the way for a better tomorrow in design.
      Attended by the who's who of the architectural world, AYA is the much anticipated event of the year for all leading architects. Today, AYA is an internationally acclaimed award, with overwhelming participation from several countries including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar, amongst others.
      The company’s ongoing commitment towards awarding architects for over two and half decades has made AYA amongst the most credible recognitions in the architecture industry.

      Stakeholder Meets

      International Stockists Meets

      Regional Stockists Meets

      Consumer Grievances

      Being a customer-centric company, we believe in resolving consumer grievances related to construction practices and applications of our product. We have a dedicated helpline number - 1800 102 8868 - through which consumers can register their product related complaints to us. Consumers can also contact our executives in their respective areas directly by taking their contact details from our website.

      Our Customer Technical Service offices, located in all State Capitals and A-Class cities, are one-stop shops for contact information of all our executives. Our team of CTS executives is dedicated to resolving product related issues at hand and in a prompt manner.