JK Cement GypsoMaxX is a premium gypsum plaster made from the purest form of natural gypsum. It is a premium base coat produced as a result of calcination of the raw gypsum under a controlled production process in specialized manufacturing units.

JK Cement GypsoMaxX is suitable for application on internal surfaces including walls and ceilings.

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Cost Effective

JK Cement GypsoMaxX can replace one coat of sand cement plaster, leading to considerable savings due to reduced labour and material costs. Its silky smooth finish post drying reduces the consumption of putty/ paint. This also therefore, leads to reduction in labour cost of overall paint application.

High Strength

Gypsum as a raw material inherently has high transverse strength, hence JK Cement GypsoMaxX is very strong by virtue, in terms of bonding.

Crack Resistant

JK Cement GypsoMaxX does not shrink or expand post application/ drying due to its inherent character, thus avoiding shrinkage cracks.

Exceptional Coverage

Special additives mixed during the manufacturing process lowers the overall density of JK Cement GypsoMaxX, resulting in higher coverage.

Water Saving

Conventional plastering methods require curing of sand cement walls during the application, whereas, JK Cement GypsoMaxX is self-setting.

Dazzling whiteness

The whiteness of JK Cement GypsoMaxX is approx. 75%.

Silky Smooth Finish

JK Cement GypsoMaxX is a premium gypsum plaster with β-Hemihydrate. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures silk-like finish of walls and ceilings.

JK Cement GypsoMaxX is suitable for application on internal substrates including AAC blocks, RCC, concrete and various other types of blocks/bricks.

JK Cement GypsoMaxX can be applied:

  • As a two-step process of sand-cement plastering followed by JK Cement GypsoMaxX punning.
  • As a one-step process of direct application of a single-coat layer.

Application of JK Cement GypsoMaxX would result in a superior silk-like finish and higher coverage.

Note: For concrete, plaster board, RCC & other similar surfaces use a bonding agent.

Product Information

Technical Specification

Note: The values obtained are under laboratory test conditions. Tests conducted on site may show
slight variations due to methods of testing/application.